Garage and Master Suite Addition

Location: Verona, NJ
Size: 1,160 sq ft

A classic colonial needed room to grow and a small unusable garage needed replacement. A new two-car attached garage was added below with a new Master Suite above. A connection to the existing house and new space was created between the narrow walkway that existed. The scale of the garage was minimalized by lower roofs and building color and material. Smaller dormers above the garage provided usable space without the presence of large walls.

The existing house was updated by engaging the facade and curb appeal with new dormers and a front porch across the front. The character of the house is now created with changing masses and rooflines.  A beautiful house was enhanced while still maintaining the original craftsmanship and quality.


 Garage-Master Suite - Existing

The project is currently applying for a variance and design is underway.  Check back later to check out the progress!


Garage-Master Suite - Proposed 3

Garage-Master Suite - Proposed 2